Monday, November 14, 2011

Follow Through

Let's talk about the single most important factor of being successful in this business. It's called follow through. It is one thing to start something and yet another to see it all the way to the end. This business is about work and the only way you loose is if you don't stay persistent and consistent. I can't tell you the number of cards I've gotten from people that I intended to contact but never got around to it. What I've discovered is that I was making a grave mistake in not following through and following up on every single lead and contact because you never know who someone REALLY is or even who they may know. I've made it a practice to always follow up at least within a day or so while the meeting is still fresh on people's mind and I try to drop them a line at least every other week or so to just stay on their radar. Since doing this, I've seen a lot of wonderful things transpire and it just served to remind me that I have to stay committed to handling business at ALL times. Yes, it is time consuming because the more people you meet the more time you will have to spend to keep your network going and growing but it is worth it. This also applies to dealing with agents and promoters. We have to follow through on every contact and booking opportunity. These people get bombarded weekly with hundreds of requests and they are constantly meeting new people so if you are going to stay on their mind you have to follow through with building and maintaining a relationship. Who you know is as important as what you know but who you know won't matter if you are not willing to follow through on reaching out to them. Don't procrastinate on ANYTHING as it relates to this game. Think it, Do it! It's that simple. See every project completely to the end. This is what success is all about. Enjoy the journey.

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