Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I often hear a lot of musicians and artists complaining about people holding them back or being against them. I even admit that there have been times when I've also subscribed to this to behavior. Most of us term these people as haters. Haters? The truth I've uncovered is that there are really very few haters. None of us make it anywhere without some one's help. Sometimes it's important to take a step back and realize just ho many people are really in your corner. I think you will find that there are far more people that want to see you succeed than you think. Hate is a concept of perception and it only exists in your mind. Of course there are times when people may be envious or jealous but all that means is that they are inspired by you and your ability or accomplishments. It's all in how you look at it. People are inspired by results and if you are the type of person that always gets results then people are watching and copying you. This puts you in a position to be a trendsetter and trendsetters are not concerned about the so called haters because they understand that some get it and some don't and those that don't, will. It's all about changing your mind set. You will always find what you go looking for. If hate and dislike is what you seek then that is what you will receive but if you are truly focused on achieving and leading by example then success is what you will receive. You have to understand that success of any type comes with responsibility and you have to be bigger than the situation. Also understand that there is more love than hate and there are more people that want to see you make than you would ever know. Just believe. There are NO haters just a few unenlightened people, so just enlighten them by living YOUR best life. Enjoy the journey.

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