Wednesday, November 16, 2011


If you are going to achieve anything in life there are certain skills you just have to possess. Chief among those skills is knowing how to deal with conflict. Nothing worth having is ever easy and or without some level of conflict. The closer you get to achieving success the more you are going to have to be able to use the word NO and this is most cases can cause conflict. You can never ignore or shy away from it because it will only serve to undermine your mission. None of us like to be the bad guy but we have to be strong enough to understand that we have to make the best decisions for our careers and agendas. We will go through all kinds of relationships in this business and it is best to always be honest and upfront. Don't just communicate when things are good and run when they are not. The best business man is an honest one. People may not always like what you have to say but they will always respect you for saying it with an honest heart. If you have an issue with something or someone, never belabor it or hide from it. It is important to always tackle conflict head on. If you want to dissolve a relationship do it face to face like a man or a woman. Don't send impersonal messages such as texts, emails and voice mails. You should always end a business relationship the same way you started it, face to face with honesty and integrity. Let's face it, this is a tough game and not all things fit all the time. To truly be successful you have to be willing to face conflict but remember to do so with honesty and compassion. Enjoy the journey.

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