Monday, November 21, 2011


In this business people tend to take concepts and pervert the true meanings to serve their own agendas. Most of us fall for it hook, line and sinker because it's often done by using cliches' to appeal to our since of compassion and duty. One of the most often misunderstood of these is loyalty. People say that being loyal is important and it is but you have to see the BIG picture. It's interesting that as long as you are doing what other people want you to do you are considered loyal but if you have to make a decision that best serves you and not them, they consider you disloyal. I submit that the only loyalty you have to show is to yourself. I don't mean we should be selfish or heartless but everybody enters into a partnership with an agenda. If every one is loyal to their on agenda first then that loyalty to self with in turn make the group, business or partnership better because each of us has a motivation that will make us be our best at all times. We all join organizations fully willing to be loyal to the mission but our main motivation to even join is because it serves some personal agenda for us. It's OK to admit this and it's OK to let anyone you work with know that you are there to serve not only them but yourself and the moment it ceases to be productive for you then they have to understand that you will have to bow out. As we have all heard before, "To thine own self be true." Don't allow people to twist the meaning of loyalty or to guilt you into doing something that doesn't serve your personal goals. Enjoy the journey.

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