Thursday, November 17, 2011

YES! We Do Work

It seems that those of us that are full time musicians/artists/entrepreneurs get a bad rap. It seems that people think that we don't really work for a living. YES! We do work. We are a brand and a business and we have to spend time developing or creating things that will increase our worth. I get up everyday and work on music production, writing, consulting, marketing...etc, but I guess because I work for myself and I'm not punching a clock there are those that think that I'm just not working. It's really harder to do what we do because we are not motivated by the punch the clock attitude. Yes making a regular check is nice but as musicians/artists we have to plan at least a year ahead most of the time. We are always working and networking now for what is to come. This is the only way we get on tours, CD projects, T.V. shows and the like. We have to work ALL the time. We never really have any time off because we have to always keep our eyes and ears open to opportunity. It is also a must that we are creating all time because when opportunity comes we will be ready and not have to get ready. I guess you can say that our work is based on faith. We have faith that the opportunities are coming so we have to do the work to be ready. I've written hundreds of songs and I'm still writing. This intellectual property belongs to me and is worth something. As I place material and get calls from companies or artists that are looking for material, I have to have something to let them hear or something to show what I can do. I can't just wait until an opportunity arises and then decide to work. I work ALL the time. My son says that I get to have fun for a living so it can't be a real job. LOL. And to a degree he's right. As artists we are not driven by what others see as real because we do what we love so we don't really see it as a burden or something hard to do. This is our career not just a job. And yes we have to pay dues. We can go long stretches without making much money but when the money hits, it hits hard and heavy. I guess the reason people don't think we are doing anything is because we enjoy it and I guess work is not suppose to be fun. Well YES! We do work and we LOVE what we do. Enjoy the journey.

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