Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Maintaining Your Vision

The longer I do this the clearer certain things become to me. It seems that the easiest things become the hardest things and vice versa. As artists and musicians we always start out with a very concise vision and plan but we end up feeling like we have to compromise that vision only to come full circle to realize that maintaining your vision is the true key to being successful. I work with a lot of people and what I've found is that even though I've gotten a lot of great experience, some of the experiences where really just distractions from MY vision. You know how it is. We will figure if we do some of this and some of that then we can cover all the bases and have a better chance of making it happen. Well what I've discovered is that is better to just stay focused on YOUR vision. Dedicate all your time to developing YOUR thing because all of the people that are distracting you will all fall by the way side leaving you to return to what you should have been doing in the first place and that's focusing on YOU. How many situations have you been in where people depend so heavily on what you bring to the table but they don't compensate you or even try to invest in YOUR career advancement. Man I've lived through that so many times it's ridiculous. What I realized was I didn't necessarily need them as much as they needed me. That was when I decided to focus on branding myself at all times. I'm still in the process of really defining myself as an artist but I'm doing so on my own terms because I now see what audiences want to buy from me and I've discovered that it doesn't matter who I'm working with. By the grace of GOD, they still see who I am. All of my touring and working with people has only served to show me that I have all I need to do and be whatever I want and the same goes for you. Don't always think that you need someone else to do something for you. Very few people posses vision. Those of us that have it must move on it. Don't wait or discuss it, just move! It never ceases to amaze me how many people just don't have a clue about this business and what it really takes to make it. I'm done trying to convince them. Let's just lead by example and realize our own visions. Let's just let our success do the talking for us. Watch ME! Enjoy the journey.

The Truth
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