Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Set Boundaries

Have you ever felt as if you are always making sacrifices to help everyone else and not getting the same in return? It seems that this is a common occurrence in this business. No one ever makes it on their own. We all need help from someone. In realizing this, we also know that we have to help others in order to get help. The problem comes in because most of us never learn how to set boundaries. It is important to know what YOU want. The thing that happens is that we make so many sacrifices trying to help others or just be compassionate until you wake up one day years later only to realize that you have lost sight of your goals and your existence has become one of servitude. What I mean by servitude is that you have become afraid to just be you and state how you feel creatively or otherwise. You become a servant to those in your life because all you want to do is make them happy even when it doesn't please you. If you establish strong boundaries upfront with people, you never have to worry about people crossing a line into your space and you are also guaranteed that they will respect you. We don't always have to be so agreeable. No one becomes successful by just playing along by someone Else's rules. As visionaries we have to be strong enough to stay true to our visions no matter what and no matter who likes or dislikes it. It's OK to to give and be helpful, just don't allow people to take advantage of you and pull you away from your purpose. Enjoy the journey.

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