Thursday, November 3, 2011

Are You Afraid Of Success

I've spent years in this business and I continue to see and learn so many things from so many people. I remember every story told and lesson taught from years ago. I've worked with so many talented people that will never have a hit record or even gig outside of their hometown. The main reason they won't advance is that they are afraid of success. I know you've heard this before but do you really know what it means? Most of us have fallen so in love with pursuing the dream that we've never really focused on making it a reality. We subconsciously sabotage every opportunity and later blame some one or some thing for it not happening. We end up settling for being a big fish in a little pond because most of us are afraid that if we venture out into larger waters we may just find out that we are not good enough to be there. Facing this truth takes a lot of courage and honesty. Most people will never admit to feeling this way. I've always had it in reverse. When I get an opportunity, I don't belabor it at all, I just take it. I understand that no one is going to know what I can do unless I show them and if that means that I have to go to Paris or where ever to show them then that's what I have to do. Yes it can be scary. Trust me, I have a healthy fear in every new situation. I say healthy because it is not the fear that will make me not move ahead but it is the fear that motivates me to be prepared to give my best in EVERY situation so that people will want to work with me again. I realized a long time ago that I can truly have ANYTHING I want and so can you. Don't waste your life chasing a dream that you are afraid to see come true. If you want something, start making it happen TODAY. No more waiting or making excuses. Are you afraid of success? Only you truly know the answer. Enjoy the journey.

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