Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Stop Complaining

OK guys, enough is enough. It is important to remember that we are masters of our fate. We have free will to make whatever choices we want. We have ALL made some choices that we were not happy with. I appeal to you today to stop complaining. Understand that ALL of life is a learning experience. If you went to school and didn't learn or you feel as if you were short changed at some point in your life, well you have no one to blame but yourself. Every one of us is responsible for the decisions we make and we all make mistakes. We just have to be honest enough to admit it and turn those mistakes into teachable moments. The music industry is not a place for complainers or people that are not self motivated. The reason that so many people have gotten taken advantage of in this business is because they allowed it. Most of us don't want to work too hard or invest too much of ourselves into anything so we let others foot the bill and direct us only to find that those people have only used us to further their own agenda. This is when we become jaded and blame the world for our short comings or perceived failures. Well the only time you truly fail is when you choose to spend more time complaining than you do learning and improving your situation. Each of us can accomplish ANYTHING we want. You just have to commit to it daily and focus all of your thoughts, energy and conversation on moving forward. Leave no room for negative thoughts or complaining. Remember, you can blame who ever you want but the truth is it's all on YOU. Stop complaining and start moving. Enjoy the journey.

The Truth
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