Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Advancing Your Career

One the hardest things to do in this business or any other is grow. Let's face it the older we get the more we seem to dislike change but change is the only way to truly grow. The thing that's hard to accept is releasing our comfort zones. Sometimes in order to do better you have to take great chances and risk loosing some things. For some this is scary but for those who are serious about advancing their career this is simply a must. Moving forward to the next phase of your career can be like going from middle school to high school. In middle school you had a lot of friends and a great reputation because people knew you and what you were capable of. You were important, known and privileged but when you got to high school, even though you were advancing, it was like starting all over because no one there knew you yet and you had to reestablish everything. Advancing your career is a lot like that. When you choose to elevate yourself in your field, sometimes you have to take a few steps back in order to move further ahead. This can be hard for those of us that have had years of experience and have worked hard to develop a certain reputation but when moving forward a good resume is cool but it's all about proving yourself at the next level in new situations. When you choose to move forward people only want to know if you can offer the things they need, they don't really care about what you've done. The proof is always in the putting. Now, don't get discouraged. Every new level requires the same process. We are always having to show what we can do at some level or another. We should look at our experience as a blessing because it enables us to thrive in any situation and once people see that you are the real deal then that's it but you have to have the belief and courage to step out and do it. You can't sit down getting old and say if this and that or I coulda, woulda, shoulda. Advancing your career always takes skill, courage and unshakable faith. So when moving forward don't get discouraged about someone not knowing who you are or what you are worth. Just show them. Do what you do and don't be afraid to keep growing and that process is never done. Enjoy the journey.

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