Thursday, August 25, 2011

Don't Be Afraid To Suffer

The one thing that still remains true is that nothing worth having comes easy. We all want to be successful and prosperous but how many of us are really willing to do what it takes? What it takes is hard work and yes some suffering. Don't be afraid to suffer for your belief or goal. The destination is not really the thing, it is the journey that defines us and makes us really appreciate getting to our goal. It is along the journey that we define and refine our skills, character and intestinal fortitude so that we really EARN our success. Anything you truly earn can never be taken from you. If some one gives you something without you having to work for it then you become a slave to that person and eventually your number will be up. Look at it this way, none of us are born ready. Even the most talented of us have to work to discover our own true voice and this can only be done through hours and hours of practice, study and dedication as well as a lot of trail and error. We all have come short of something we were attempting but that is only part of the journey because with each failed attempt we learned a lesson that made us stronger and more prepared to define and achieve our success. Don't even look at it as a bad thing. It is ALL about learning. It's better to take time and learn all you need to know and be prepared to step out into the world than to step out to soon thinking that you don't have to pay any dues. We ALL have to pay dues and that never really ends. Anything worth having is worth working or suffering for so don't be afraid. Stay true to who YOU are and what you believe. Do the work, learn the lessons and enjoy the journey.

The Truth
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