Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Bottom Line

We are all artists and creative people therefore we don't always think of what we do in terms of the business. People are always telling us to focus on the creative and let someone else take care of all of that boring business stuff. Well I have news for you. We have to always be focused on the bottom line. People are always trying to take advantage of artists because they think that we don't possess the intellect or focus to handle our own business. We are also guilty of making emotional decisions when it come to our own financial well being. I mean we will allow people to rip us off just because we consider them a friend or associate. The truth is that a true friend will not ask anything of you that will keep you from taking care of yourself. It is important to be able to separate business and friendships. Now that doesn't mean that you have to be evil or disrespectful but just stern when it comes t0 YOUR business and this has to apply to everyone you work with. When we allow people to short change us or devalue or talents, it becomes hard or next to impossible to regain that value because once you get a reputation as a push over then no one will ever offer you your true worth or give you proper respect. We have to stay focused on our financial bottom line. If it doesn't make dollars then it doesn't make sense. We do have to build relationships with people that may not have anything to do with immediate financial gain but we have to careful when making those kinds of investments as well. Look at every decision as a business move and if it doesn't make good business sense to your career and bottom line then don't do it. It is impossible to be successful without establishing proper boundaries and making sure that people respect them and pay the proper price for your services and input. Remember, it's not personal it's just got to be about your bottom line. Enjoy the journey.

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