Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Keeping Up With Your Credits

Most of us are so busy working and creating that we sometimes forget one very important business side of our career. Now I don't mean that we don't watch the money or create new work. What I mean is that we get so involved with moving forward that we don't take time to keep are resumes updated. Keeping up with your credits is vitally important. This is the only way we have of showing people our level of experience. If most of you are like me, you are always doing so much that if you don't update regularly then you can forget and leave certain things off. When ever you are recording a project be sure to insist that your contribution is listed in the credits on the project and be sure to get a copy for your own records as well as all links to where it is being sold and promoted. Each project we work on is not only a chance to promote that artist but it is also a chance for us to promote ourselves and what we do. I recently took stock of this past year and realized that I had already done enough new stuff to warrant an update to me EPK and resume. Keep your bio, EPK and resume as current as you can. It all depends on how much you work and don't take anything for granted. If it was worth doing then it is worth documenting. You will also be surprised at how many people really do read credits on projects. I've gotten a lot of work because someone liked a particular record and saw that I was either the producer, writer or drummer and the called me to do something for them based on that. Our work is our calling card and we must stay on top of it. It is also important to choose your projects wisely. You don't want to be a part of something that doesn't represent you or your ability in the best light. So go and update you paperwork. Don't leave ANYTHING out. If you wrote, produced, played, served on a board, play a festival, served as musical director, did music business consultation . . .etc. It is ALL important. Our experience speaks for it self but it can't if we don't aggressively keep track of the things we've done and demand that we are properly credited in every situation. I'm updating my own as we speak. I advise you to do the same. Enjoy the journey.

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