Monday, August 29, 2011


One thing that still trips me out is the perception people have of musicians. I meet a lot of people and of course you can't give your entire resume in a sentence so when people ask what I do I simply say I'm a musician. It's kind of funny because most of the time people almost begin to talk down to you or pity you in a sense. Now this to me just shows people's ignorance. I know that historically being a musician has not carried the best connotation but we still deserve respect. I take great pride in being a musician even though I'm also a writer, producer, educator & music business entrepreneur. For all musicians, don't waste anymore time trying to prove yourself to people because they just don't understand what it takes to be us. They take our skill and dedication for granted. It says a lot to have a skill that has taken you all over the world and opened doors for you do incredible things when most people that judge us have never even left the country yet they have the nerve to look down on us. Musicians are usually the most intellectually savvy people around but we are always underestimated. I say let them continue to underestimate us. Don't be concerned about what people thing. Most people are plastic or superficial anyway and don't really possess the capacity to fully understand the things that drive and motivate the creative being so just be YOU and achieve. I'm a MUSICIAN and proud of it! Enjoy the journey.

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