Thursday, August 4, 2011

We Call The Shots

The one thing about this business that still amazes me is the fact that most of us still don't understand the hierarchy and protocol that really runs the music industry. We have to deal with managers, attorneys, booking agents and media people all the time but the important thing to remember is that we call the shots not them. All of the previously mentioned people work for us but in most cases they don't know or we don't insist that they know it. We are the cornerstone of the music and entertainment industry. Without us what would they have to manage, promote or write about, yet we allow these people to treat us like second class citizens. They speak to us as if we are children and use our talents to further their own interest without fully looking out for us and these same people would have us believe that we can't make it without them. Well I have news for you . . . YOU CAN MAKE IT! We do need a team to help with our career but that team must realize that we are in control. No decision should be made concerning our careers without first consulting with us. I've seen so many situations where managers, writers, booking agents or attorneys would make all of these promises to help you but with conditions. They all want to make us jump through hoops while not realizing that these people are not really doing ANYTHING for us but giving us hype speeches and telling us how much we need them. Most of these people don't even work full time in the industry so how can a man or woman really manage my career if they are punching a clock for someone else eight hours a day. That's eight very important hours that they are not working for me and they still expect to call the shots (LOL). It's high time that it be known that the time is over for all of these empty promises and dead end conversations. If you can help us, then help us. Not by saying but DOING something because as a representative you only make a percentage of what we make so it stands to reason that you can only make money if WE make money. So keep all the promises for the pipe dreamers and for those of us that are real about our careers, if they can't produce results then let them be. Don't let anyone try to tell you they can ruin your career or how much power they have and what they will do if you don't let them control or use you. Business is business and when two parties are mutually invested in achieving the same end result then there is no time for ignorance or vale threats. Only weak minded people do those sorts of things because they are afraid to admit that they really can't help you so they would rather pimp or control you just to satisfy there own insecure ego. Now this also means that as artists we have to step up to the plate and be willing to work as hard for ourselves as we expect others to work for us because we set the bar. The bottom line is never work with or let anyone represent you that doesn't have YOUR best interest at heart and the main way to tell this is by RESULTS not conversation and not promises. Also know that the first time someone threatens you with their perceived power, drop them immediately because if you don't you will simply become a slave to them. We are the people that create the art, write the songs, make the records and put the shows on the stage and without us their is no industry so we definitely call the shots. No more laziness and fear, take your proper place and sit in the driver's seat when it come to your career. Enjoy the journey.

The Truth

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