Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Focus On YOU

The music industry today is at best in a state of flux. No one seems to know where it is going right now but there are still some pretty absolute concepts that we should stick too. It is always vitally important to know what you want and more importantly how you plan on getting there. The biggest obstacle most of us face is being honest and courageous enough to put ourselves first. I know this may be contrary to what you were taught as a child but it is time to break through a lot of those trite and misguided traditions. Never be afraid to focus on you. Until you do something for yourself there is really nothing you can do for anyone else. Not to mention the fact that most people in this business are opportunists and they are only looking for any easy way out so when you focus more on them they will just use you up. There has never been a better time in music to begin using this concept. Imagine how many hours you may spend talking to people and trying to keep them motivated when the truth is if an artist doesn't have that spark of self motivation you are really wasting your time. Now imagine if you woke up everyday with the focus of only doing YOUR business and focusing on the things that will directly advance YOUR career, how much further would you be along? I've been producing records for a long time and I am a very inspired and excitable person so when I see talent in people I want to nurture it and help them reach their goal but what I had to learn was that I really had to focus on growing my own career because I wanted more for the artists I was working with than they wanted for themselves. When you are working with people and you have to remind them to do the smallest things to further own career, well you are wasting your time. This isn't for everybody. Just because someone has talent doesn't mean that they are cut out for this business. I don't mean to sound cruel but this is a harsh reality. No one cares as much about your well being as you do and the mistake some of us make is expecting people to believe in us like we believe in them. Word of advice, just believe in yourself. It is true that no man is an island but you have to operate in a way that doesn't leave you fully depending on others when it comes to your career. Yes we need people to help us but where we miss the mark is by trying to save the world and we haven't even saved ourselves yet. Start with YOU. Set your schedule so that you are never doing more for anyone else business wise than you are doing for yourself. Our time is the greatest commodity we have and we must invest it wisely because once it's gone you don't get anymore. Remember to stay humble and grounded but know that putting yourself first is not a sin it is a MUST! Now go and begin focusing on YOU! Enjoy the journey.

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