Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Embracing Your Fear

I was reading something the other day about how even the most successful people have thought about giving up. I found this to be interesting because people are usually telling you to be positive and persevere no matter what. I too am all about the power of positive speech and thought. I also understand that fear is a very real emotion. What most of us do is that we deny our fears and call it courage but what I've discovered is that it takes true courage to embrace your fears. Only by embracing our fears can we truly overcome them and let's face it, we all have fears. As artists our biggest fear is failure or not reaching our goals. We also fear the thoughts that can sometimes creep into our heart saying that we should just give up and try something else but most of us would never admit that we have thought about giving it all up. That's why the article I read hit home with me because it tackled the issue head on. Fear or thinking about giving up doesn't mean that you are weak, it just means that you are human and you are building your faith muscle. It can be hard to stay focused on pursing your goals when the bills are piling up and it seems that your pursuit is in vain because it's not contributing enough to help you out of your current position. So we have thoughts of making a change or giving up but we DON'T because in every journey there are obstacles and fear is just an obstacle which pales in comparison to your larger goal. By embracing this fear and letting it be OK to feel a bit down at times instead of pretending it doesn't exist, you actually make yourself stronger. We get stronger because once we face our fears we defeat them. These victories only fuel our drive toward our goal. You must also remember that the closer you get to achieving your goals the larger the obstacles are going to seem but you have to stare them down and keep moving. Just know that you are close and even though we can think about it, giving up is just never an option. Face and embrace your fears today and enjoy the journey.

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