Monday, August 8, 2011


One of the most valued things in music is silence. Most of us totally miss this because we are always focusing on speaking instead of listening. I mean this figuratively and literally. We can only learn by listening and understanding what our role is in any situation but most of us don't get it. When playing music it is important to realize that it is a team effort and it is all about communication and give and take. Music is interactive and to truly provide an enjoyable experience for yourself and your audience, you have to surrender to the music and the moment. Even though you may have played a song a million times, you should always have your ears and heart open to hear what's going on each time because you may think it's the same but it never is really the same. Each situation offers something new and there are so many things that play into a vibe or groove such as the emotional state of the players, the environment and the audience. You should never allow yourself to go on auto pilot because this will limit your experience. The old adage of less is more is definitely true and the key to knowing what to play or say (if you will) is listening. We can read the notes off of the page or learn the licks but feel and touch are all connected to paying attention and listening. You have to be selfless and play with the intent of serving the music and not your ego. So just remember to listen more and speak less. Enjoy the journey.

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