Monday, September 19, 2011

Develop Strong Alliances

I know that we all keep hearing about how the music industry is changing and how now is the best time to be an independent artist or company. This is all true but the one thing we have to be sure to do is to continue to develop strong alliances. I recently attended a meeting of very successful industry professionals that have decided to form an alliance to build a home for artists, producers, musicians, writers and just all around creative people. Now I have been to a lot of these kind of meetings before but my past experiences were not as beautiful as this one. The one thing you have to realize is being successful requires balance and diverse input. You can't have a good alliance with ALL creative people and you can't have a good alliance with ALL number crunchers. You have to bring everyone to the table. This meeting I attended was a combination of various people with years of experience in several different areas of the music industry ranging from production to non profit and everything in between. The conversation was not just about being famous or getting rich but creating wealth and opportunity. This is what a great alliance does. It serves a much larger vision and purpose. When you have a group of people sitting at the same table with a like minded purpose and goal, then you can truly have success. This is just like building a pro team. No one player can cover ALL positions so you have to draft the right talent to cover the right position and this is what a great alliance is all about. Once you have the right team and the team lays out a plan, then you have SUCCESS. I am looking forward to seeing how this alliance is going to work. I am sure you will be hearing more about this team in the very near future. Until then, go to work on forming your own alliances. The more great teams we have the better off this new music industry will be for ALL of us. Enjoy the journey.

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