Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ear Hustlers

In the music industry information and experience are our most valuable assets. We spend long hours practicing,reading, recording and perfecting our craft. This is just a part of who we are and what we do so we don't tend to guard our information as close as we should. What I mean is the knowledge we have learned is worth a whole lot to some one who doesn't know and most people are not willing to put in the time to understand this business the way we have. Beware of the ear hustlers. These are people that pretend that they want to truly learn from you and your experience but only take bits and pieces of your information and pass it off to others as if they have really been in the game for a while. I've had this happen so many times. For a while it was really frustrating because most of the time these people would spend more time in the public than I did. I was always either in the studio, rehearsing or on tour and these people would be in various places passing off the info they got from me as their own so others would think that they were in the know about the industry. I've even had a guy pretend to own MY company in an attempt to impress a woman. This lady called me and said I spoke to your boss and he said blah blah blah. I was outdone at the nerve of this person. Ear hustlers can be dangerous because they are not sincere people at all. If they were, they would have no problem revealing the source of their information to the people they deal with and they would make sure that they were always honest and upfront about their intentions. Another experience I've had is to be in a private conference with someone where I'm educating them on something and then we go into another meeting with other people and this person takes the info I just taught them and try to pass if off as there own by out talking me or making sure they appear in the know. That is some low down stuff. It took me a while to fully understand how detrimental ear hustlers can be. The problem with these people is that they can pretend enough to get someone hooked but once they have convinced you to sign up with them and they've made you a lot of promises, they don't have the skill to truly produce for you and they can ruin your career and waste your time. So I advise every artist/musician to continue to study as much as you can about the business and your craft so that you can see the ear hustlers coming and be careful not to share too much free information with people. Not everyone is as honest and passionate about this industry. It's time that we expose these people for who they are. This is all about protecting ourselves, our music and our success. Enjoy the journey.

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