Thursday, September 15, 2011

Focus On The BIG Picture

As I grow in this industry it never ceases to amaze me how mislead most of us our when it comes to knowing how to achieve success. Some of us don't even know what success really is. Being famous does not make you a success because to be famous and broke makes no sense. We have to be able to focus on the BIG picture. As a musician I have played and continue to play with some of the greatest artists but I realize that the likely hood of me becoming wealthy as a sideman is pretty slim. No gig lasts forever and even if you have the best gig, the money you make compared to the money that the artist or the managers and attorneys make is nothing. We have to stay focused on creating opportunities for ourselves to not only be the on stage talent but we have to also be able to operate in an administrative capacity. As songwriters and producers we have to pursue ways to get our music placed in film, T.V. and commercials as well as placing value on the knowledge we have acquired from our years of experience. We have to look at ourselves as a brand or business. Being a drummer is just one phase of my business persona. I'm also a producer, writer, educator, mentor & music business consultant. I have the skills to serve as a road manager, manager or promoter. We have to utilize ALL of our skill sets to achieve the BIG picture. We have to be able to make money while we sleep not just when we play a gig. So take time to break down your skill sets and begin to diversify your talents so that you can truly achieve the financial success and independence you desire. Enjoy the journey.

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