Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Give & Take

It is so interesting to me how music and personal relationships are so much a like. I recently played a show with another drummer and we had a ball. I've had the pleasure of doing double drum shows for a while. With the Little Richard band, we have had two drummers for over ten years. I have had some experiences where it just didn't work because in order for two drummers to exist on the same stage and in the same musical space, there has to be a lot of give and take. Not unlike any other relationship, someone has to lead and someone has to follow and the roles will change depending on the song or situation. I find myself making all kinds of sacrifices when I'm on stage because we are all there to serve the music or song and not our ego. The truth is very few musicians have actually mastered this skill. It truly is like any other relationship. You have to have trust, honesty, love and a commitment to a common goal. Now I know that some one will read this a say I'm taking it too far but I'm not. They say (perfect) practice makes perfect but that doesn't just apply to a particular skill. It also applies to our everyday lives. If I practice sharing and being compassionate in every aspect of my musical and personal life then it will just become a regular part of who I am. As musicians our on stage personalty is just an extension of who we REALLY are and if we are able to mature in our musical world we will also see growth in our other personal relationships and vice/versa. As a drummer, I am charged with leading the band by directing the energy and pace of the show. I've heard people say that the band is only as good as the drummer. This is true on more than a skill level. If the drummer has a BIG heart and is truly there to contribute to the musical relationship by driving the groove, listening intently, leaving space & making eye contact with everyone especially the person out front, then this will infiltrate the band and the music. It's truly like any relationship, what you get out is solely based on what you put in. I must admit that I've sometimes been better at managing my on stage musical relationships than I have my off stage ones but I've learned that they are the same. I've learned to put the same passion and effort into ALL of my relationships as I put into my musical ones. Music is truly a living thing and we are all blessed to be able to share it with others so let's always attempt to do so without ego or negative energy. It's all about give and take. Life is about love and love is about creating something beautiful and we all have a chance to create love everyday through our music and art. Enjoy the journey.

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