Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A True Partnership

OK here we go again. The age old question of who works for who. Does the manager work for the artist or the does the artist work for the manager. Even though a lot of managers like to get off on telling people what to do, they actually work for the artist but let me modify this a bit. The real truth is that it is a true partnership or at least it should be. The manager can't make money unless the artist is making money. Artist/Manager relationships are like any other relationship. The two people have to be compatible. They need to have a shared vision and be able to trust each other. It's truly like a marriage and you have to be very discerning when choosing someone to help manage your career. The one thing that has to happen is that both parties have to be equally vested in the relationship. You can't have a full time artist with a part time manager or vice/versa. There has to be a committed amount of daily time invested from both sides to help further the cause. When this kind of work and commitment are present, there is less time for confusion. We have to always develop partnerships with people that work with us so that everyone feels like they are an integral part and has as much to gain or loose in any situation. So remember the NEW answer to my first question is managers and artists work for each other, it is a partnership. Enjoy the journey.

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