Monday, September 12, 2011

Who Am I?

Having a career in the music industry can make your head spin. When you started out everything seemed so clear. You had the drive and a definite plan. You were not jaded and you knew who you were or at least who you wanted to be. As time moved on and you began to really be confronted with living and learning this business. It was not always easy to maintain your drive, innocence and individuality. You now find yourself asking the question, "Who am I?" Well everyone has to answer this question for themselves but I will give you a road map to help guide your there. The only reason any of us get side tracked is that we allow other people into our lives that don't fully believe or buy into our vision. As artists we like to dress differently, create from our hearts and we just see the world through a different prism. Somewhere along the way some of us have allowed others to tell us that the way we see the world is wrong. They say that we have to grow up and stop chasing dreams or they make condescending statements about what we do. We also start families and feel like we have to conform to some conservative way of living. This is all crap. You can't get away from who you REALLY are. You can pretend or try to suppress it but eventually you will have a breakdown or a breakthrough. Either way, something will have to give. Who Am I? I am an artist that enjoys life and pursuing my craft. I am a creative being that has faith that my talents, gifts and work ethic can sustain me and help create a comfortable and high quality of life for myself and my loved ones. As we get older we have to be careful not to allow people to patronize us or pretend to believe in us. Thoughts are things and they do manifest into reality. Any one in your life that doesn't believe in you with every thought or breathe, needs to be put out of your life. This doesn't mean that you want someone to worship you but you have to know that the people in your life can support you with no doubt or at least without standing in your way even if they don't fully understand. It's also important to understand that who we are changes as we mature and it's OK to be you. Never make excuses to anyone for who you are or what you like. To deny your true self and visions only leads you to an early grave driven by stress, regret and resentment. So go and answer the question for yourself. "Who Am I?" Enjoy the journey.

The Truth
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