Thursday, May 31, 2012

Musicians & Technology

Yesterday I spoke about about the ridiculous attempt of a retail vendor to charge artists 45% to sell their Cd's. I had a lot of interesting comments and the one thing that has become evident to me is that there is still a large gap between musicians and technology. Now I don't mean recording technology. Most of us are always on top of anything new involved with making music. I'm talking about the technology of commerce and the new ways available to us to sell our music to the world via digital means. Let's face it, the music industry has always been a cut throat game and for the labels and execs it has always been about making money and the artists or musicians are always on the bottom of the money pile. Nothing has changed. Largely because, as artists, most of us are seeking fame more than financial success. We are not educating ourselves on the new digital means of promoting and selling our music. We don't know much about how itunes, spotify, rhapsody, napster . . . etc. work. So if we don't really know then how can we educate our audience on how to participate is this new digital age as well? There is no longer a need to sign a record deal. Worldwide distribution is at your fingertips. I know it costs money to record a CD but most of us are financing our own records now and managing to sell quite well but we must now take full advantage of this digital distribution network that is freely available to us all. Knowledge is power! Don't let ANYONE take your money because of your lack of knowledge. The world of selling music is moving forward and it is not going back to what it used to be EVER so we MUST embrace this new technology and master making, promoting and selling our music on this digital landscape. Now go do the research and empower yourself and your audience. Enjoy the journey.

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  1. have some great stuff here and I will be linking at and on my weekly newsletter. I spent the day thumping the drum about the 45% being taken by Chicago Jazz Magazine and have written them and asked Mr Jeffers, the CEo, ot come on my show Monday night and explain himself...we will see if he decides to.